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Jean Luc & Toot Sweet

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As a five year old in 1944 Belgium, you can only imagine that Jean Luc’s experience with soliders, jeeps and planes left a indelible landmark upon his imagination.  During his life as a successful illustrator, you can see him revisit that landmark many times over in his drawings.  You can read a brief biography of Jean Luc here (click on the biography link) and view some of his amazing work.

Below is an image of Jean Luc’s 2010 Christmas Card.  It features an image of him as a boy leaning up against ‘Toot Sweet”, his 1942 GPW which he still drives around the L.A. Area.  Recently, Jean Luc got a taste of how few old jeeps are seen by kids these days.  He was “driving my GPW the other day and some teenagers asked me if I built that “contraption” myself . . .”  As he noted, “Not very encouraging but we can not blame them.”

Now ‘retired’, Jean Luc is working on a graphic novel about G.I.s, Jeeps and Piper Cubs in Paris in 1944-45.  Below is an example of his drawing talent.  Thanks for sharing!


One comment on “Jean Luc & Toot Sweet

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Hey, that’s a great piece of photoshop work, putting a picture of yourself as a child next to your Jeep.
    Hmmm, that gives me an idea…

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