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NIssan Patrol 4W60

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Roberto wrote to me asking if I knew of any manuals or other information for the restoration of a Datsun/Nissan 4W60 for a friend that is considering restoring one  (if anyone knows of a manual, please let me know).  Well, I didn’t even know the 4W60 existed.  So, I started researching. Here are several models that followed the 4W60.

According to this site, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi all submitted prototypes to the Japanese government in 1950 to win the rights to produce government 4wd vehicles. Mitsubishi would win, but Nissan and Toyota continued to develop 4wd vehicles anyway.

The Nissan Prototype submitted for consideration looked like this:

For the first production run starting in 1951, however, Nissan went with a very MB-like design.  I tried to find restored examples of these, but had no luck.

The second version of the 4W60 had a few changes. I found this image on a Russian auto website, but misplaced the link.

Here’s a brochure from the Rocky Mountain Patrol and Offroad Website

The would also make a Wagon (4W60 wagon) and a Truck (4w70 Truck).

Here are some useful links:


5 Comments on “NIssan Patrol 4W60

  1. frank

    Wow. From the cowl back it looks exactly like a Jeep! I’ll bet parts are interchangeable. No worries about copyright infringement back then I guess. Maybe a Jeep manual would work(?)

  2. Mauro Bonilha

    Hi Turki!
    – You said that you have a copy of the driver’s handbook of this old model of Nissan Patrol. I am very interested to see it since I have a 1955 4w60 and I really would like to learn more regarding it so I could restore it appropriatelly. Please contact me so we can exchange information. Maybe you could scan that handbook and send me via email. I would really appreciate your response to me.
    – Thanks in advance,
    – Mauro Bonilha

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