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Nissan Patrol 4W61, 4W65/4W66

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On the heals of last night’s post on the Nissan 4W60, we have the next major model of Nissan 4x4s  which are sort of CJ-3Bish. They were produced from 1955 – 1960.  You can learn about them here:  4W61, 4W65/ 4W66.

The 4W61 was produced from 1955 – 1958.

This is the 4W65 produced from 1958-1959. Now, while these have the correct side pieces, you can see the fenders look more like the 4W61.  So, compare the front of the two below photos with the Black and white photo underneath.

The 4W66 was produced for six months in 1959 and 1960. I don’t have any good examples of this, but here’s a modified firetruck F4W66.



4 Comments on “Nissan Patrol 4W61, 4W65/4W66

  1. mmdeilers Post author


    Thanks for your offer of help. I have received a few questions about the Nissans over the years, but know little about them. I’ll make sure to send people to your or the group.


    – Dave

  2. merlin blackwell

    I have a 1957 L4w61 in Canada… if you google search for 4w61 patrol, mine will come up as green with flaky white paint. I know alot about rare Nissans, never knew these were imported to North America. My gauges are in Metric.

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