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EC4WDA Jeep Racing Videos

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HOG spotted these videos of some east coast racing from the last few years.


FLAT DRAGS: Kempton EC4WDA Jeep Racing – October 2009

HILL CLIMB: Gravelrama 37 August 24th, 2007. Includes a CJ-5 called Indian Uprising powered by a Pontiac 4 Cyl.

Here is a shot of the motor:

FLAT DRAGS: Gravelrama 37 August 25th, 2007


2 Comments on “EC4WDA Jeep Racing Videos

  1. windyhill

    Nice! The fist two videos are from my home town! I was probably there just off the screen at the end of the drags, in both videos, I’ve been running standby with the Kempton Fire Co. for years. Thanks!

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