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Year CJ-3A Mesa, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1200

This runs.  It might be a good price.

“Got this Willy’s jeep from my brother several years ago with the dream of rebuilding it…… Well, wife says my time is up.

It was running right before I got it, just smoked a little so my brother took the engine out to rebuild it and that’s where this project has been for some time now. Engine is sitting inside the cab, tranny and driveline are still in. Everything seems to be original. Hate to see one of my dreams go, but reality seems to be taking over. Will dig the title out and find out if it is a 3a or 3b and what model year. $1200obo come take a look!”


4 Comments on “Year CJ-3A Mesa, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Brian

    Are there any updates to year, type engine and tranny? I need engine and tranny for my 45 MB, currently using a 1990’s Chevy 6 and T90. This might be a good donner for my MB and switch Chevy into it?

  2. Brian

    Ok, thanks Dave. I’m still new on this site, a daily habit. Bought the 45 MB in July with a blown up vette motor/T90. Could not find 4 cyl so agreed with Jeep shop to put Chevy S10 motor in so at least son and I could drive a bit while we restored body. Now I’m learning more and want a 4cyl and correct trans.


  3. David Eilers

    Brian .. no worries .. it’s not a perfect site, so feel free to ask any questions 🙂 …

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