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Android App — CraigsNotifica Craigslist

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Last night installed a free App for my Android phone called CraigsNotifica Craigslist.  There is both a free version and a $9 version. (here is something similar for the iphone, but i’ve never used it)

What this App does is allow you to create different searches of one or more craigslists to auto search for items and then notify you if someone uploads an item that matches.

For example, I have a ‘Willys|cj2a|cj3a|cj3b|dj3a’ search string for 6 different craigslists in the northwest that allows me to now keep tabs on local jeeps.

I also have a search on any free stuff listed in the Boise Craigslist (partly, simply because it’s amazing what people will give away).

Here are a couple examples of screenshots.


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