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4 Jeeps in Museum Im Zeughaus Schaufhausen, Switzerland

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According to the photographer, Massimo Foti, the Museum Im Zeughaus, located in Schaufhausen, Switzerland, is a very good museum, though it’s open infrequently.

Massimo writes on this Flickr Page: This is a very nice museum, solely focused on material used by the Swiss Army. It has an impressive collection of 20th swiss artillery and soft-skins, plus some cool AFVs. Its only drawback is that it opens only less than ten days each year… But since it’s enterely run by volunteers, I don’t complain. The pictures in this set were taken during various visits, using different equipment, so quality isn’t consistent and some older shots aren’t that great. But since the Museum isn’t very well know, I am including them to give as much visibility as possible to this excellent collection.

All of these photo’s were snapped by Massimo:

Here’s a CJ-3B:

Here’s a CJ-3A

Here’s a CJ-5

Here’s what appears to be a M-38A1 C, though it doesn’t have the ‘gapped’ split windshield.


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