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1974 CJ-5 Frame with a Boat Body Bronx, Ny eBay

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HOG forwarded this.  Who thinks up these things?  What’s the thought process like?  Well, I have this jeep and I have this boat … what to do, what do …. maybe I should install the boat on the jeep frame, but not make it able to float. Brilliant!  Whoever did it gets a point for daring to do something really different.

“Who doesn’t want a 4wd JEEP powered 17′ Stick shift Galaxy boat! I wish I had the time to put this thing back on the road myself, but my lack of time and loss of storage is your gain! What I have for sale here is a 1974 Jeep CJ5 with the body cut off and a Galaxy 17′ boat hull attached!

It has been in storage since the early 1980’s. It was really well done! No it’s not amphibious but it is fun and you know there will not be another one at the drive thru or out on the trail! It ran and drove when it was put away but needs some work to go back on the road now. The 258ci strait six Jeep motor turns free and the manual transmission feels ok. The brakes need to be gone thru totally, the master cylinder is missing but is a stock jeep piece and can be bought at any auto parts store, all of the mechanical parts are actually readily available because they are jeep.

Its a fiberglass 17′ Galaxy hull that can be painted or polished back to a shine! I flat towed it from where it was so I know everything spins and turns. Unfortunately THERE IS NO TITLE OR PAPERWORK for it so it will be sold with just a bill of sale for the Jeep vin number. This is 100% as is no warrantee no guarentee!”

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2 Comments on “1974 CJ-5 Frame with a Boat Body Bronx, Ny eBay

  1. HOG

    It needs to float & do away with te 6 banger & power the prop with a AMC 360 ,, Be nice to drive to the boat ramp & go fishing ,, Kinda like a old WWII Duck ,,,

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