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1952 Wagon Howard, Oh Status Unknown

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UPDATE:  Was for sale for $1900.  Status unknown.

There might be some value here.  The seller wants to get rid of this.

“Hi , I’ve got a 1952 Jeep Willys that has been sitting in my garage for quite a while now. It’s not in great shape , but for the most part still pretty solid. Has some rust , has a hole in front drivers floor board. It’s a 6 volt system , but if I remember correctly , my father in law told me it was converted to 12 volt. All the glass is original , as well as the body and interior parts.It’s interior has been mostly gutted. The motor is original to my knowledge and was overhauled not long before it was put in storage. It’s full time 4 wheel drive , but the front axle was taken out by my father in law , I believe to help with fuel mieage , when he was driving it. I have been wanting to fix it up , but with bills and kids , it’s not going to happen for a while longer. ”


4 Comments on “1952 Wagon Howard, Oh Status Unknown

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hugh .. this has likely been sold. It was posted in March of 2011. I will update it.

    – Dave

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