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The Second Set of Pics — The Southwestern Utah 1961 Trip

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Here’s another round of pics from the 1961 Four Corners trip his father-in-law and his father-in-law’s father took.  You can see the earlier round here.

Now, for a bit of trivia, the four corners monument is actually 1800 feet away from the real point where the four states meet.  You can learn why here.

And here they have arrived at the Four Corners, a place which looks a bit different than it looks now!


4 Comments on “The Second Set of Pics — The Southwestern Utah 1961 Trip

  1. Brett

    The coloring of these pictures is wonderful.
    Living so close, I need to get down there more often.

  2. Doug Duncan

    Seeing the Jeep with the “Kent Frost” tours signage on the side caused me to remember a used book I picked up by Kent Frost, called “My Canyonlands” published in 1971. I just looked at it and it is signed by Kent Frost, but it also has two other signatures: “Marion Williams Tour Conductor,” and “The Driver, R.J. Hogans.” The book’s previous owner must have gone on one of these tours. The book is about the history of the area and exploring four corners with some discussion of Jeeping way back then.

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