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Reader Builds: Some Jeeps out of Hawaii

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UPDATE:  I’m running short of time tonight, so here’s a post from a couple years ago.

Here’s Frank’s flattie and some friends of his who have flatties as well.  The picture with multiple jeeps was from a run last October.  The next time you are vacationing in Hawaii, keep an eye out for these good looking jeeps.





7 Comments on “Reader Builds: Some Jeeps out of Hawaii

  1. deilers

    Hi Rick,

    I’ve emailed Frank your question. I’ll report that answer when I get it unless he posts it here.


  2. deilers

    Frank wrote back the following:

    “Hi Dave, the yellow jeep is running a 35/12.5/15 on 10″ wheels. The jeep does have confer lift shackles and a 2″ body lift also with aftermarket springs. I would not suggest this size tire as it does come close to the rear wheel wells. I may be changing the size to a 33/12.5/15 to get better clearance.”

  3. Steve

    Do you have a link to more info and/or pics of these awesome rigs?

    Also, do you all have a local forum for your club/area?

    Thanks a lot!

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