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1954 M-38A1C Dayton, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

It looks like there might be a little rust around the front edge of the fender.

“1954 Willys M38A1C Jeep for sale

The cutout in the windshield is for the barrel to stick out (the Jeep does not come with a gun or a gun mount).

This is a military Jeep with AROUND 45,000 original miles.


Body is in good shape with very little rust as you can see in the photos.

I bought it 4 or so years ago and got it running and frankly it didn’t run that bad but it does need a carborator rebuild.  We drove it around the field, parked it back in the garage and haven’t touched it since!

This Jeep has the original 24 volt system and has a place for 2 batteries just in front of the windshield.

I was going to restore it but I have enough other projects that I will never get to and it would be nice to have the room!

This vehicle has a lost title from the previous owner and is sold with a bill of sale only.

Let’s talk about the title for a minute… YES this vehicle has been titled to a private owner.

The lady that I purchased this vehicle from has promised me for the past several years that she would send me the title and never has, I have called her literally hundreds of times with no luck.

So the title is lost.

I have a rough looking Xerox copy of the title when it was owned by the Museum of the Great Planes but not the current title.

So really it is a lost title and it has been titled in private hands.

I have a Xerox copy of the title… The vehicle was sold to the City of Lawton OK for the Museum of the Great Planes April 12, 1977 from the US Government.  The vehicle was sold to the previous owner sometime in the early ’80s.  The vehicle was last tagged in 2003.  The owner died sometime around 2004 and the Jeep sat for a couple of years.  I purchased the vehicle from the Mother of the previous owner in July of 2006.

On one part of the title is says 1953 but that has been covered up and is typed as a 1954… so upon further investication here is what I found:

The VIN number is 77369, the unit # is 433 Manufactured by WIllys Motors Date November 1954 Contract # G2758-8358319.”



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