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Early Rusted CJ-2A Images Heathcote, Ontario, Ca

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I ran across these images today of a rusted CJ-2A.  The photos were taken in 2008 by Dave Scottin Heathcote, Ontario, Canada, and posted on Flickr.  Check out the governer throttle along with the 3 datatplates.  I think this sitting in a junkyard or in an area with other rusted vehicles.  If you scroll over the map on Flickr, you can see exactly where it is.  I think there might even be some useful parts on this, too.  Given the governor throttle, I wondered if it might have a rear PTO (Click on the 3rd photo and I think you will see the top of a cutoff PTO lever).  You can even almost make out the serial number on the data plate (click on image 2).

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:


2 Comments on “Early Rusted CJ-2A Images Heathcote, Ontario, Ca

  1. Rick

    Dave; I had stumbled on this pic myself a few weeks ago and posted it at the Jeep Forums “Abandoned, neglected Jeeps rotting away…” myself. Such a waste of a an old Jeep…

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Yeah, I’m sure the owner probably had the fuel pump go bad, so abandoned it . . .

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