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1946 CJ-2A Eden, NC **Status Unkown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $2200.

“The jeep is in pieces, I started restoring and now we are moving, I have to sell, no place to keep it. Does not have a title, does have matching number plates. Comes with the following: Rusty tub, two hoods, two windshields, two engines(both were running) two transmissions, two transfer cases, two front and two rear differentials(one set has been sandblasted and primered), brand new front and rear bumpers, set of springs(blasted and primered) that include brand new bushings and shackles, two sets of steering linkages(one set has been blasted and primered, two sets of front and rear driveshafts, one pto unit and driveshaft, one blasted and primered frame with skid plate and trans crossmember in excellent condition with intact battery tray, needs very little work to be perfect, one gas can tray, set of front seats that have been partially repaired, one steering column and wheel, two steering boxs,one tailgate, two fenders, two radiators, two grilles(one 46 blasted and primerer but bent, can be fixed and one 47 in good shape, tons of small parts have been blasted and primered, much more included $300 worth of new parts still in bags and boxes. Also has a brand new set of military tires from Coker tires mounted on freshly blasted 16″ wheels that have been primered and painted the factory bright yellow. Also have a brand new gallon can of chassis black paint for the frame, axles, and leaf springs. Excellent project that can easily be completed in a few months”


2 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Eden, NC **Status Unkown**

  1. Steve E.

    The snapshot of those yellow wheels inspired me to look into powder coating an extra set of rims for my Jeepster. The estimate was within my budget, so I’m going to do it. I was excited that a maroon color chip at the fab shop matched perfectly to the Luzon Red on an original rim I have. Of course, I won’t paint that particular wheel because it still has the original pin-striping.

    I bought new whitewalls a while back, so I’m going to treat the old girl to a fresh set of wheels before I mount the tires. That will allow me to put on new rubber without parking on jackstands. (Oh yeah. I don’t let tire shops mount and dismount my wheels any more. Once bit, twice shy.) The wheels I’m currently running have a few chips in the paint after 20K of road trips since restoration, and they were painted black. The original Jeepster wheels were red.

    **Steve E.**

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    The white walls will look nice 🙂

    I once bought some new tires, had them installed, and then started to drive away. However, I could tell something didn’t feel right. So, I stopped and discovered they hadn’t tightened up the lug nuts. Fortunately, I had only gone about a block, so I turned around and told them to fix it.

    But then, I too forgot to tighten my own lugnuts last year (a big oops there).

    I have also had shops over tighten the nuts, too.

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