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Flamin’ Willys BBQ

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Mark from forwarded a story he posted on his website.  Here’s a short excerpt below.  Drop by his website to read the entire story and see all the pics.

“The wagon was a whole different story. The thing was shot. I parted it out keeping the window trim, regulators, dash, and steering wheel, anything I might need in the future. The title said it was a 49. I couldn’t let it go because along the line I picked up a 47 Willy’s pickup.

The wagon was simply too far gone except that front end. A tree had landed right on the hood. That was the only real issue with the clip. After sitting in my barn with lots of thinking fluid, my friend suggested turning it into a BBQ grill like what they did on that movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Remember at the end of the movie, they are grilling in the back of an old car? Anyway, that sealed the deal.”


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