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Trench Art Model Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, toys, Unusual

Matt spotted this unusual piece of Trench Art. Bidding on this just ended at $142.

“i have seen that ebay has a following for trench art. most people do not know what they are looking at when i show this to them. so im going to offer it to you guys.  its a copper jeep body. the bottom is made from 1/8 copper plate. thiner sides, seats 1/6 copper.  the weels are 1943 SL  50 cal shells. cut off.  the spare tire is a  F A 1942 50 cal    steering weel. S I 1942 30.06   head lights.  30 cal   E C  1944  , the hood cam off in my hand when i finly found this again after yeas in a box.   the hood had been glued back on. i never knew this. till now.  fits right back in place. a little new glue wont hurt it.weels work.  with solid brass rod for axles  front bumper is bent a little.   wind sheild works great.  stampped on the bottom.  J  ST.Felix  France 1944  can send more pics.  i will ship world wide.”


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