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1948 CJ-2A Aloha, Or $5000


UPDATE:  Still Available

(10/27/2009) This jeep sports a Volvo engine, which is certainly unusual.  This has been available since last July (when it was priced at $10k).

“All new floor, front and rear. Rhino type spray in bed liner entire interior.  New master cylinder, brake lines and wheel cylinders. 80 % new wiring. LED tail lights. Volvo B-20 engine, Volvo 4 speed transmission, new Volvo rack and pinion power steering with new pump, fresh rebuild on carbs. New battery, new paint, no rust, new muffler and tail pipe. Electronic red/blue flashing lights (police quality) and vintige siren for parades or other lawful uses….”




2 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Aloha, Or $5000

  1. Bob

    Hmm, it says it has a volvo 4 speed transmission too…but it looks like it has a standard transfer case. I wonder if the 4wd works?

  2. deilers

    I agree with you. Not only the tc levers look standard, but I thought the tranny shifter looked pretty standard too.

    I did a search and found a website (used to be at geocities, but they are dead) cached by google that demonstrates a builder using a volvo 6 cyl with a T-18 and dana 20 tc …

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