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Norm’s 1962 Wagon

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Norm shared a pic of his 1962 Wagon.  He notes that yes, the split windshield is from the wagon, but the chrome is from a 50’s wagon.  Nice looking rig Norm!


3 Comments on “Norm’s 1962 Wagon

  1. Steve E.

    Nice Willys! I prefer the split windshield. And the bumper-ettes are a nice addition. The split rear window and the side trim also indicates that this model was not the latest version on the assembly line. The latest models had a single large rear window, and the wider “7” shaped trim aft of the fenders. Not to question the year-model on the Norm’s title, but this could have been on the assembly line in ’60 or ’61, based on the external features.
    **Steve E.**

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