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1949 Jeepster Oxford, Me **SOLD**

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UPDATE:: This was priced at $2500.  Tom got it running.  It looks like he did very well (see the comments).

The body sure looks good.  I wonder if it runs.

“1949 Jeepster, $2,500. Body in good shape. Some rust underneath. Has been in storage for the past 15 years.”


2 Comments on “1949 Jeepster Oxford, Me **SOLD**

  1. tom

    motor was stuck—-runs now. paid the ‘full’ $2,500 with two guys driving from new hampshire and boston to get it. all original and belonged to a navy commander[dentist] /grandfather stationed in portsmouth,n.h. he had a navy yoeman’ rebuild it for him with stainless steel rocker panels[surplus sub metal]. he gave to his grandson in oxford and it was stored in a barn/shed for 12 years and never ‘tuirned-over’. also had steel rings with ‘tight’ fit. the commander was a shriner and had a 1950 jeepster that he gave the other grandson in kittery point,me. i bought that from him several years ago,so he’d have money for a honeymoon. never knew his brother had one until i responded to the advertisement. both great barn fines. tom of maine

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