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Fire in the Hole! Tales from the FC Get Together

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UPDATE:  Click here to read Steve’s Report on the whole weekend, including his personal adventures

I may not be the smartest cob in the corn patch, but one thing I do know, it shouldn’t require gloves to start a M-677 Forward Control Jeep.  But, I quickly learned that Steve’s FC isn’t your ordinary vehicle.  It really does require gloves, because it has a manual choke.  And by manual, I mean he uses his gloved hand.  Ordinarily, I like this bit of ingenuity, but after a couple rotations of the engine, fire exploded out the carb, making all four of us — me in the passenger seat, Steve in the driver’s seat, and Jeff and Mitch in the rear spots where there should have been a rear bench seat — nearly jump out of the vehicle.  Fortunately, Steve had everything under control.  I could tell this by the way he immediately pulled off the glove and beat out the fire with it.  No, this wasn’t a ride in an FC; it was a ride more akin to Mr. Toad’s Excellent Adventure.  🙂

It all started with Mitch stopping by the house this afternoon to join me on a drive in Biscuit to Tacoma to drop by the FC Get Together. I neglected to mention to Mitch that this was Biscuit’s first drive on an interstate. I figured it wasn’t that important.  Given the confidence he already felt in the jeep after it wouldn’t start right away (loose positive cable), I figured we’d test it on the interstate before I mentioned the ‘Hey, did you know this was the first time I’ve driven Biscuit on an Interstate?’ factoid.  Fortunately, Biscuit behaved well throughout the journey.

Upon arriving at the FC Event, Mitch and I were warmly greeted by Blaine, Steve, Dave and others.  Mitch already knew several people as he owns a couple FCs, more for property decorations than actual use I think as they remain future projects — a status held by many FCs it seems — but none-the-less beloved by him.  But, whom am I to talk, as I have plenty of future projects of my own ….

Not long after arriving, Blaine and I enjoyed some fun trading war stories from the relationship and dating fronts.  Between the two of us there were plenty of “what was I thinking” and “should it really be this hard”.  Once we finally dissected the female pysche and concluded we had no chance against such formidable opponents, he suggested I take a look at a flat fender model jeep he made in his early teens from cereal boxes.  It was pretty cool, so he has promised to send pics (don’t forget Blaine!).

Soon, everyone’s attention turned to the repair of a fuel line.  Most of us gathered around the FC-150 like a bunch of lookie-loos.  Some of us pressed against the front windows looking at Jeff install a fuel filter to provide cleaner fuel to the carb.  You’d think with our goofy smiles we were kids all lined up , leaning on a glass counter trying to decide on the flavor of ice cream we wanted; it was a pretty funny site, not lost on the folks behind us snapping pictures. Of course, I was at the glass too, staring inside the cab when the repair was declared successful.  Mission complete, now for the next challenge.

The next challenge didn’t take long and came in the form of Steve’s M-677 that sports a 289 Pontiac (?).  You’d think I could tell you what the engine was because, due to the lack of an engine cover, I was staring right down at it, with the fan blade just a little ways away from sending me to the hospital.  Fear not, for it was all part of the adventure I told myself.

As mentioned, there was fire, but Steve got that fixed and we were on our way.  It turns out that a V8 powers a M-677 really well. As Jeff and Mitch held on in the back, Steve showed us that the old truck still had life in it, accelerating pretty quickly despite a flat spot in the carb.  As Steve chauffered us, passersby were injuring their necks, craning them as they wondered what type of unearthly vehicle it was. As for the passengers, I don’t think any of us stopped laughing the entire time. For Mitch and I, it was only our second FC ride ever and, at least in my case, the best one!  So, many thanks to Steve for taking the time to give us a ride.

Shortly after the ride was over, Mitch and I headed back for Biscuit’s 2nd time on the Interstate.  We had fun and look forward to next  year’s get-to-gether. Apparently, it will need to be at a new location, so if anyone has any ideas for next year, please send them to me.

Oh yeah, the Get Together lasts through Sunday, so you still have time to check it out if you are in the Seattle area.


Below:  This was before we all lined up to ‘help’ fix the gas line problem.


And last, but not least, is Steve’s fire breathing M-677.  The ride was quite literally a blast!  Thanks  Steve.



10 Comments on “Fire in the Hole! Tales from the FC Get Together

  1. Brett

    With all due respect to Lost Biscuit, she’s sure is the black sheep there. Looks like a good time. I’m puzzled looking at the 4th pic, whats going on with that guys motorized wheelchair?

  2. Gerald

    Wow looked like an adventure.. How are they old Desert Dogs holding up on the highway? Just don’t get them too hot. How fast and long were you on the highway?

    You made it out alive. Those FC boys are crazy!

    Later all

  3. Boomer in MN

    Yes we are! FC-itis is an incurable affliction! But who has more fun than us crazy folks? Sadly, I could not attend, but was there in spirit. Biggest thanks to y’all who put it on! I had the honor of meeting Steve, Blaine & Dave (eh?!) at Jesse’s this Spring, but didn’t get into the relationship discussion… sounds like you guys found the answers, ha ha ha!

  4. David Eilers

    Melinda .. yeah, what were you thinking going back to work and all when you could have played with jeeps 🙂

  5. Mitch

    Still smiling from the ride in the M-677. Thanks again Steve!. Also… Was impressed with how well biscuit drives even on 1/4 century old desert dogs… Thanks for driving Dave!

  6. Steve E.

    I just arrived home in California right after dark (Monday.) I must say that I just completed quite an adventure, too eventful to describe here. The Northwest FC Get Together is gaining momentum. I was excited to see such a variety of FC’s at the meet last weekend. There were 34 enthusiasts and 8 FC Jeep Trucks in attendance. Thanks to Gaylord and Susan for hosting this year. And hey, the winter weather was nice for a change. Now back to our cool spell of 95 degree weather in the Sacramento Valley.

    My favorites were Doug’s restored FC-150, and the two FC-150’s that were under restoration showing noticeable progress from last year, owned by Gaylord and Gary. There was a running FC-170 brought by George. I brought my M-677 crew cab (to prevent having to buy a steak dinner for Dave F. lol) Blaine brought a very rare 1 Ton FC Jeep Dually, literally just pulled out of the berry bushes the Saturday before, still sporting a healthy growth of that famous “Northwest Moss” I have only heard about. Dave F. brought and demonstrated his custom “Tilt Cab” & “Tilt Bed” FC-150, along with his Canadian wit (Too bad he brought his truck. I didn’t get to collect that steak from him either. lol.) The long distance driving award (and “guts” award) goes to John who drove his freshly restored wide track FC-170 250 miles each way. We were all impressed. He did say that he was so busy driving that he couldn’t tell if those travelers whizzing by him were waving in approval, or waving some other sign. (lol.)

    My tow vehicle had more problems than my FC! I had to turn back after 40 miles to replace the radiator, so I was a day later than planned. On the return trip, I picked up a nail in a rear inner dual, and had to repair a leaky transmission cooler hose.

    There must have been a Willys Motor Co. Dealer in Tacoma because there are quite a few Forward Control Jeep truck owners in and around the Seattle/Tacoma, WA area. I’m sure we will see other local trucks next year. Several local FC enthusiasts wanted to come, but had other commitments.

    Now is the time to start planning next year’s event. Since there are so many FC’s in the Sea/Tac area, it’s time for someone local to volunteer to host next year’s event. Anyone in the NW able to host the 4th Annual Northwest FC Jeep Get-Together next August?

    **Steve E.**

    P.S. That’s a funny coincidence, Dave. When I was 16, my mother described her first ride in my ’57 Willys Sedan Delivery as being like Disneyland’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. lol. And, YES, I have a lot of work to do if I want to drive the old military truck to the March FC Roundup in Phoenix. No steak dinner was bet on that adventure. lol. The peer pressure is high enough.

  7. deilers

    Steve, truth be told, I mistakenly combined Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. After I wrote it I thought … hmmm… that doesn’t quite sound right, but figured I’d go with it anyway….

    It was as great time. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    – Dave

  8. chas

    hi my name is chas, i just bought a 62 fc150. it’s in pretty good shape but does need some love, i was wondering if you have some place you get body parts from

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