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Updates from the Bantam Festival

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Only this update tonight ….

Gerald reported in just a few minutes ago.  Much fun had by all.  There were jeeps everywhere.  He hasn’t gotten the official parade count, but he said people were rolling in for hours.  Thanks Gerald!

Gerald notes, “Things were great tonight at the BantamFest Jeep Parade.  All I can say is there were hundreds………. here’s a couple shots.  i will get an official count on Saturday.”

The staging lot with the Lost Biscuit (Thanks to Gerald, I’m attending virtually.  Rub me for good luck!)


They were coming in for hours

Late model line ups

General shot.  It was packed

Main Street in Butler

Finished off with a late night tire change from NDT’s to the Turbines with Mini Terras for Saturday.

Already met some cool people, Maine to Australia.


4 Comments on “Updates from the Bantam Festival

  1. kilroy

    Wow! Sure looks like alot of fun!
    Looks kind of like Sturgis, only with sanity!
    Wish I were there!
    Need lots of pics!

  2. Gerald

    Dave deserves all the press he can get for the work he’s done. This was a great place to do it.

    More to follow.

  3. Bob

    The word was that there were 1106 jeeps in the parade. It went on until 10:30, and there were 35,000 people lining the streets of Butler.

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