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Saturday @ the Bantam Festival

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I’ve been busy all day … any updates will need to wait until later tomorrow.

Sebastain had a great day at the Festival.  He posted pics in two different locations:

Meanwhile, Gerald has been working hard peddling eWillys.  In his spare time he’s been enjoying the Festival.  He starts again at 6:30am.

Gerald starting off at 6:30am Saturday:

The set-up

Gerald notes h may have just become you East Coast Rep.  Little does he know that as the East Coast Rep his salary will not be much different than mine.  Did I mention it is a volunteer position Gerald?

The Jeeps

Bantam BRC 40 (not the original bantam, but the third version following the BRC-60 and BRC)


9 Comments on “Saturday @ the Bantam Festival

  1. Brian's 58 3b

    Oh… I’ve missed a lot of things in my life and I will not miss this event again.. Just seeing the pictures leaves me inspired to do another Willys… Oh I need get the first one painted….. I’ll be in the garage today!

  2. Desert Jim 1960

    Wish I was not in Africa working riight now and back home in Tucson as we would have gone also. It would have been a fun road trip in my 60 CJ-5. I miss my Jeeps!!

  3. Colin Peabody

    Looks like it was a great show. Since I also have a 1960 Surrey, does anyone know who the pink Surrey belongs to, that is parked next to that beautiful red Jeep truck?? It shows up in 2 photos.

  4. Bob

    The Pink 1960 Belongs to “The pink Ladies,” twins from Mansfield, Ohio. They go the the Spring MidWest Willys Reunion every year. It all original!

    We were at the festival from 2pm saturday until 4 pm today. There were a lot of jeeps to look at. Many of them left saturday night. There were a lot of vendors for newer jeep stuff, but not so many for Willys. The vendors I talked to said because it was the first year, not too many people wanted to commit to it. Maybe there will be more next year.

  5. Windyhill

    Great show! I stopped by the “ewillys” table and saw the brick! lol. We just got home, about a 6 hour trip. I modified my 18 trailer so I could tow two willys as one time, my 3b and my brothers stock 3A for this trip. The parade was great, loved being able to walk down the street after and be able to start at the Bantams go threw the WWII Jeeps,and then threw the 2A’s 3A, 3B’s etc by decade! Saturday we got held up with a trailer bearing so I missed most of the show and shine but we did run my brothers stock 3A and my 3B threw the playground! It rained early Saturday which made for a soggy pack up but all in all a great time and we will return!

  6. deilers

    Thanks for everyone’s comments! I’ve updated the Sunday update with them. Jim, like being in Africa is an excuse not to attend? sheesh … 🙂

  7. Colin Peabody


    Thanks for the update on the Surrey Girls. I kinda figured it was theirs. Hope your weekend was a good one!

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