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A New Twist on an old Scam — 1942 GPW $4999

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Thanks goes to Dexter for spotting this new twist on an ongoing scam by some pond scum.  The famous 1942 GPW that popped up throughout the nation now has its own youtube video.  The price has shifted from $4700 to $4999.


Here is the Ad text, which appear just before I flagged the ad as a scam.

“Rebuilt 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep -Rebuilt Collection compact military four-wheel drive utility vehicle. 4-cyl. side valves, 134 CID (2199 cc), 60 hp (45 kW). It is an excellent choice, FLAWLESS condition, Very light use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my YouTube chanel:

Here is an original pic found on an earlier ad that now is on the video:


5 Comments on “A New Twist on an old Scam — 1942 GPW $4999

  1. Brett

    I’m trying to figure out what this guys scam is, anyone know? I hope I don’t sound naive, just curious.

  2. deilers

    HI Brett,

    Not a bad question at all.

    The seller wants the victim to transfer money to him in such a way that the victim can’t get it back. For example, earlier in the year the seller would only take payment via Google Checkout because he is in such a hurry.

    In February, John received the following information via email:

    “Here is a beautiful 1942 GPW Military Jeep that has been very well restored and maintained, runs and drives like a dream. It is in absolutely pristine condition, here are some photos to prove my point. Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser window.

    The Jeep is currently located at approximately five miles of Fort Huachuca, AZ. stored in military compound. It’s available for immediate pick-up but it could also be transported free of charge by a military carier (Estimated Shipping Time: 2-3 business days). I’m looking for a quick sale, that’s why I’ve reduced the asking price at $2950, to avoid wasting time with negotiations and find a buyer before my upcoming deployment take place.”

  3. Bill

    If you happen to go to the website, either youtube or the craigslist ad, PLEASE FLAG the ad as a prohibited item… If enough Ewillys viewers keep flagging these ads MAYBE the dude will stop. At least he will lose the ad.

  4. deilers

    Good point Bill. My evening queries usually bring up a bunch which I can flag quickly. But if you see it, flag it.

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