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Male Call, a Collection of Cartoons

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UPDATE:  You can view more cartoons here.

Paul discovered this gem in his crawlspace.

Paul writes, “I was digging around in the crawlspace today searching for some long lost item when I discovered a thin book with GI cartoons from WW2.  The book’s by Milton Caniff  (it was published in 1945) and features 112 GI comic strips drawn by Mr. Caniff and supplied weekly to military newspapers for the enjoyment of all branches of the service.  I really enjoyed the attached Jeep comic and I thought you would also.  After all, who hasn’t believed (at one time or another) the Jeep is more than a mere machine and is alive and aware of the tasks we ask it to perform?  I can recall many times I’ve coaxed and pleaded with my Jeep to “Please get me thru this mud bog” or the always popular “Please, please start” on those frigid winter mornings [ed note: I am familiar with that coaxing].  Over the years I’ve talked, yelled, pleaded and praised my Jeep while it took me where I wanted (but not necessarily needed) to go.”


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