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Steve’s CJ-3B with the unusual Bezel

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At the Bantam Festival Gerald took a picture of a CJ-3A(?) with an unusual Bezel.  Steve contacted me today with a similar Bezel on his CJ-3B.  So far, no one has produced any history regarding these.  Anyone know anything about them?

Steve’s Bezel:

Gerald’s Image:


10 Comments on “Steve’s CJ-3B with the unusual Bezel

  1. Bob A

    I think they require no modification at all, any old 7 inch headlight bezels will work. They hook at the top, and one screw at the bottom. It’s just that the Ford ones had that little eyebrow that made them unique.

  2. Divinitous

    No response so far. Even though my google-fu is strong, I cannot find those exact ones. I suspect they might be for a motorcycle headlight.

  3. deilers

    I had the same google-fu experience. I found 1955 bezels that were close, but not quite the same.

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