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The Ford “Junior Jeep” Lives!

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John dropped me a note today, pointing me over to the Hemmings Blog.  Daniel Strohl landed a nice gem of a jeep story.  The “Junior Jeep” lightweight jeep is alive, well and restored in Michigan.  Read all the details at the Hemming Blog.  Review the  information on lightweight jeeps I have found strew across the web.


10 Comments on “The Ford “Junior Jeep” Lives!

  1. Paul

    Geeze folks, I don’t fit in my original size M-38 right now so I don’t even want to try and fold myself into a smaller Jeep. I’ve gotten thicker over the years and I don’t bend like I used to so I’ll be content watching this Jeep drive by.

  2. deilers

    Paul … I thought you told me the Goddess had signed you up for yoga? Or was that yogurt. I can’t remember now.

  3. Paul

    Dave … we don’t have yogurt here in the great white north, the importer told me it’s impossible to have here because Alaska doesn’t have any active culture. I accomplish plenty of body contortions, stretches and compressions during our long winters when I fall on the ice. Just last winter I managed a crotch rip followed by a full face plant and topped off with a lip stand, it was olympic quality.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Paul … Eskimos? Crab Hunting? Dodging Moose? Just how much culture should one state have anyway?

    But, does it really count as ‘ice’ when it is an ice cub on your kitchen floor? Isn’t that just a home health emergency? That said, I have no doubt it was of olympic quality, as everything you attempt seems to set the bar pretty high.

  5. Paul

    Dave…Alaska is well known for high bars, we’ve got plenty of low bars and passing the bar has nothing to do with the legal profession. Our official state motto is “Alaska, Land Of Fast Women And Beautiful Dogs”. I guess we don’t need no stinkin culture.

  6. kilroy

    Jeez, I worry about getting “banged” in my normal sized Jeep. This looks like an ovesized go-cart!
    I sure like it, though!
    Really nice job on it!

  7. Ted Wisniewski

    Thanks for the interest in jr jeep, its been fun working on it, had some help from a few friends along the way, it is hard to get into and rides very ruff over the bumps, only a throw cusion to sit on. it has the original motor, trans, brakes, etc.. still needs a few items, like head lights & tail lights, windshield but it will a come together eventualey

  8. mmdeilers Post author


    Great work! It looks like a fun project. However, it sounds like it was funner to rebuild than it is to drive :-).

    – Dave

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