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1945 GAZ 67B Russian Vehicle

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UPDATE: Steve notes the original GAZ was built in only 50 days based on a newspaper clipping.  Here’s additional information:


Darrel wrote me recently noting that he has a 1945 GAZ-67B living in his garage. He said it was also known as an Ivan-Willys, which is similiar to a real Willys, because it has a Ford-A engine that was made in Russia under license.  It is cool! Thanks for sharing Darrel!

Darrel writes, “The GAZ 67 World War Russian vehicles were produced from 1943 to 1953. There were only 5000 of these models made during the war, but in total there were  92,843 of these models produced. It had a 4-cylinder 3280 cc gasoline motor and a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph).”

And here is a GAZ 67 and GAZ 67B  video with some strange music …


10 Comments on “1945 GAZ 67B Russian Vehicle

  1. Roberto Flores

    Wowwwww!!!! What a cool toy!!!! I have at least one 1/35th scale kit from this strange but fascinanting vehicle, made by AER (Moldova)…I mean the scale kit, of course! Unfortunately, I haven´t got enough bucks to buy one of these. Sadddd!

    Ah! The music of the video is from British-Lebanese pop singer Mika. Mmm, I would rather another kind of BSO, with balalaikas or so! ;-)) Or The Leningrad Cowboys, for example!!!

  2. Roberto Flores

    He, he, he! I know that the chorus of the Soviet army give more soul to the vid!

    More info about this Russian 4×4: Regarding the interesting book published by “Armada” about this little 4×4.

    Enjoy them!

  3. Paul

    Ford had a factory in Russia where they build Model A’s. The instrument cluster is a duplicate of a late 1930 or 1931 American part including the cork operated fuel gauge, the ignition switch, the ammeter and the speedo. Even the attach screws are in the same location. Very cool!

  4. Paul

    Dave, the old Ford factory is just a few miles beyond Sarah’s house but you can’t see it from here.

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