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JP Magazine Article on Buying Old Jeeps

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Roberto spotted this article in JP Magazine which discusses inexpensive ways to get into an old jeep.  They cover Willys Wagons & Trucks, CJ-5s, Jeepster Commandos and Fullsize Jeeps.  I think their price points align with what I have seen as well.

You can view the full article here

Below is part of a pic from the article.  I thought it was a great pic.


3 Comments on “JP Magazine Article on Buying Old Jeeps

  1. Kevin Roth

    The auther was nice enough to include the Stationwagon, however his dollar amount is a bit off….you might get a vehicle that is driveable for $5,000, but it will have some issues to make it safe.

  2. Mark in Indiana

    Enjoyed the read. However, with a lot of guys strapped for cash, Flatties can be bought cheap.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Mark … good point. And, as one friend of mine put it, he has been buying military jeeps for over 20 years and has never seen a summer like this summer, with so many available at such low prices. And, i can attest to the number of vehicles available, as I had 55 updates yesterday and I didn’t update all the jeeps I found for sale.

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