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1948 Jeepster-rod Show Low, Az **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer

It sounds like a really unique project, but it is still a project.

“You have to see this in person – photos don’t do it…Photos are as it came out of the paint shop…

You’re driving this down the street – it grabs the attention of EVERY single person it slips by…this is a customized 1948 Willys Overland open top roadster sitting on a custommade 2×3 mild steel box frame, built by a winning race car engineer to accommodate all the acroutrements of a donor car, a Nixxan 300ZX drive train, wiring harness, digital dash, accessories, and electronics.
I have nearly everything to complete this project (black interior fabrics, interior panels ready to cover, console, mirrors, power seats, etc etc etc). Low, and compact (only 13 feet long!) and light. Should do 150-160 mph (donor car was capable of that) and was designed to corner like an IROC Z car according to the chassis designer (rack and pinion steering, coilover shocks all around, 100% adjustable suspension, urethane bushings used throughout). Good looking 3.0 litre V-6, (looks like v-8) injected and turbocharged (225 hp, 195 ft lbs of torque – only 19,000 miles on the donor vehicle). Includes entire wiring harness, digital dash, factory stereo system with subwoofer amp and 12 speakers, most everything I can think of with the exception of driveshaft (I have the original with u-joints – just needs tube)
5 speed trans, power assist disc brakes and steering,ARE wheels, tongue and groove oak for rear bed, etc etc etc. Way too many features to list…this was a very high tech donor car).

This project is about 70-75% complete – the tough stuff is done, and everything that has been done thus far has been done right. The body is nearly flawless and has NO BONDO – all steel, and smooth as a baby’s butt over the entire car. New Corvette yellow…Nothing like it ANYWHERE ON EARTH…My 20 year effort is your gain.”



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