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Jeep in the Air in Moab, Ut

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Roberto alerted me to this. I was through there five years ago and didn’t see it.  Anyone know anything about it?


9 Comments on “Jeep in the Air in Moab, Ut

  1. Bill

    I just passed this last week and wanted to stop and check it out. Of course I couldn’t pull over in time, so I’ll try to stop next year!


  2. Windyhill

    I stopped last Summer and took some pics of that one when we where out there. Looked pretty original. It was out of town a bit if I remember correctly, at a salvage yard.

  3. Brett

    My bro in law mentioned something about one and I think this might be it. I believe he said it was just before Monticello.

  4. David

    I stop there everytime i’m in moab. Owner wont sell it. Says is its a “moab landmark” now. Plus he doesnt want to take the time and get it down. He pulled it out of somebodys backyard. (“junk” car removal) It was half submerged in the river. He’s got a red one he will sell though, at least he did 2 years ago.

  5. David

    Yes, it’s south of town aways towards monticello, well, at least farther than I expect it to be everytime.

  6. Bill

    It’s not too far out of town…. but I always approach from the south. It’s on the west side of the road. I cant find it on Google Earth.

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