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PNW4WDA Go-4-All Kid’s Jacket from the early 80s

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My sister found this jacket at a garage sale the other day.  So, she bought it.  The Go-4-Alls are a Seattle club based originally in Midway, Washington (perhaps still based there), though there were several members of club just a mile from me in Renton (and I went to high school with three pretty members of the club).  This kid’s jacket shows playdays/conventions from 1981-1983 that I attended as well. These club jackets were very popular with clubs back in the 70s and 80s and are still seen around today if you attend PNW4WDA events.  I have large version of both pics so the details can be seen. Just click on the images.

And just for kicks, this image was taken in late 1981 during of a joint Wandering Willys and Go 4 Alls jeeping trip over the Naches Pass and Manashtash Ridge in the Cascades.  Dad’s jeep is the CJ-5 in the middle front of the picture.  I was 16 and this was the first trip where I did most of the driving during this trip.


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