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Year? MB Fruita, Co $5000

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(08/12/2011) It runs and drives.

“Flat 4 4 cylinder, Manual Hubs, Receiver Tow Hitch,3 Speed Transmission, great for tooling around the mountains or around town.”


6 Comments on “Year? MB Fruita, Co $5000

  1. jay

    They are not willing to negotiate. It is a mb frame, with a repro mb tub, however has had work done to the tub floor, transmission crossmember has been cut, front frame horns are trashed, rear frame rail has been cut and replaced with a receiver hitch, motor is extremely noisy, front right fender is a mystery because it is rounded around the battery tray instead of flat and there are mysterious edging under the bolts that hold the fender to the grill, the regulator reinforcements are shorter than normal, there are no data pates, or no original frame tag, front drivers seat has either been extended or is not original at all. When taking it for a drive, it will top out, no more throttle, at 45mph.Needs probably every steering box bushing available to man, bell cranks and what ever else because it is all over the road. Started missing on the way back from the test drive and thought it was getting close to running out of gas but it wasn’t out of gas and it didn’t stall. Other than that it is a bargain.

  2. jay

    Josh, I hear you are the man to check stuff out on the west slope of colorado. Is that true? How do I get in touch with you off this site?

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