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Paul’s 2WD Street and Parade Jeep

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UPDATE: More pics added to this post that show the build process.  Thanks for sharing Paul!

Paul wrote to me a couple days ago to share his nearly completed project.  I’ll bet it will be a kick to drive.  He notes that eWillys “gets part of the blame for my madness.”  Yeah, I’ve heard that a few times 🙂

“My project is a 1949 CJ-2A that i inherited. It has a custom tube chassis, 2wd, rack and pinion steering and 4 link rear suspension.  The body is stretched and frt wheels moved forward. The 5.0 ford engine has an aluminum head and a roller cam.  The tranny is a c-4 auto.  The rear end is built with a narrowed 3.73 8.8 inch ford with traction lock.  The fuel cell mounts under rear seat.  Finally, the markings on the jeep are from my unit in vietnam. It is going to be a street rod and parade car. I have had a blast building it so far and hope to have it on the road soon.”






13 Comments on “Paul’s 2WD Street and Parade Jeep

  1. kilroy

    I NEED one of those “Claymore Hitch Covers”!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where do I get one!
    It might get a little more respect from other drivers when I roll in my stock four banger!
    Nice build, it looks fanastic!

  2. Bill

    Paul has officially built the EXACT Jeep I’ve dreamt of for YEARS.
    2WD, decent amount of horsepower…….I bet that thing is a white knuckle ride to say the least!
    Outstanding job!
    Congrats, Paul.

  3. paul

    yep, it’s inert, got it off ebay. got an inert grenade too, just trying to figure out how to work it into the motiff. thanks for the comments, i think my F.I.L would be proud of it……PS

  4. Paul

    The big engine is nice, the suspension which actually flexes is great but the fact that this Jeep has leg room for the driver is fantastic! Imagine not having to fold up like a pretzel to avoid smacking the steering wheel with your knees while driving. Truly amazing …I’m jealous!

  5. Dave

    Fantastic build! Did you document the build on a website or forum? If so, please share the link – I’d love to see how this came about.

  6. paul

    dave, i took lots of photos as i went along and am more than willing to share. never posted em anywhere but am willig to work it out….Paul

  7. deilers


    If you want to send them to me, I can create something for you … Or, you can go to another site and I am happy to send folks there, too.

    – Dave

  8. bill

    I really like the job you did on the frame. That looks very clean and pretty darn strong too. Thumbs up!!

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