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Pikes Peak

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I made my first ascent of Pike’s Peak today. Accompanied by Ann and her nephew Michaes, we braved the beautiful blue skies and perfect temperatures to wind our way to the 14,110 foot summit.  From Colorado Springs it took about an hour to reach the peak.  Three things surprised me about the ascent.  1) The toll road cost $39 to drive (car plus 3 passengers); 2) Santa’s workshop sits at the base of Pike’s Peak (who knew)?; 3) The concessionaire at the top of the peak is famous for its donuts (which were pretty good).


7 Comments on “Pikes Peak

  1. kilroy

    Dave, you look happy and I’m very happy for you!
    You deserve the joy and I hope it continues!
    Thanks for sharing with your “extended family”.

  2. jimmie

    omg pikes peak is sooo awsome!!!! i hope u loved it as much as i did i went there last sumer! it was like un explainable u just see forever!!

  3. Steve E.

    I first visited Colorado Springs in 1985. Since then, I’ve always wanted to drive my Willys Sedan Delivery up there. I’ll do it some day, right after I get new brakes,of course. Your photo gives me inspiration. The last time I was breathing at 14,000′, I had to walk; barefoot, and in the snow. (Well I lied about the barefoot part.)

    Next time you’ll have to drive Biscuit!
    **Steve E.**

    P.S. (Mom, don’t go away. Your comments are priceless.)

  4. deilers

    Mom …. doesn’t it fit me nicely? I modeled just so you could see what a great Christmas present it would make!

    Steve … oh please don’t encourage her! 🙂 I think driving up in Biscuit would be a blast, though I would want it to be 100 degrees in the valley.

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