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A Flattie at Crazy Horse Memorial

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Today’s journey took us in and out of the Black Hills and, as I write this, we are cruising towards Billings.  The first stop today was the Starbucks in Rapid City, SD, where we managed to cause problems.  Somehow, Ann and I got too busy talking and managed to drive right by the order box.  When we got to the window and explained that we missed the box, the servers quickly began jumped into action.  Mayhem and disaster followed as car after car backed up in the ordinarily slow-paced town, while the servers attempted to stick our order in between the finished orders of others.  By the time we drove away and saw the line of cars behind us, we knew we would never be welcomed back.  I’m sure the servers were muttering ‘damn tourists’ as we drove away ….

Our next stop was Mt. Rushmore.  This was very cool to see in person, more majestic than pictures make it.  I guess the Park Service has also embraced the majesty, by charging a kingly price for parking of $11.00.  Using some stealth techniques, we snapped some pictures and left for our next destination, the Crazy Horse Memorial.

The Crazy Horse Memorial costs $10 per person to enter, but for the money there is plenty in the visitor’s center to see.  After touring the building,  I spotted a flat fender in a painting by Jake Eggars hanging on one of the walls.  I thought that was a bit strange, the color and look of the jeep (the color and bumper both unusual) that I wondered if it was drawn from a real jeep.  So, when I got back to my computer, I started doing some searches.  I finally discovered the below pics of the jeep taken in April of this year.  No place is too remote for me NOT to find a jeep 🙂



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  1. frank

    you DARED to get in the way of people and their coffee!!!!? they’ll be aiming for the red ‘stang now.

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