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Long Island or Bust

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Neither rain, snow, sleet or hail will stop us as Ann and I begin our trek across the US with Long Island and the retrieval of some paintings for my parents as our ultimate goal. Ok, maybe the snow and sleet will slow us a bit, so I hope to see none of either!  On Saturday we arrived in Salt Lake for a quick visit with my kids.  We begin the trek west on Monday.

As we passed through Idaho on our way to Salt Lake on Saturday we made a quick stop at Josh’s for my first ever chance to drive a GPA!  Even though it doesn’t go anywhere just yet, it was still fun to pretend. Josh has plenty of work left to restore this rare vehicle and continues a search for parts.  So, if you have or know of any GPA/SEEP parts, please add a comment to this post and let him know!  Thanks Josh!


4 Comments on “Long Island or Bust

  1. Bob OB

    Two observations; first…is that rear transom piece modified like that to allow for easy access for the water skiers? Second,you appear to be a perfectly normal guy! I’m a dedicated follower of your E Willys site,thanks for what you do. Bob

  2. Paul

    Josh, I just talked to my buddy Crazy Ralphie. He says there’s a guy in England who can make all the body panels you need for your GPA restoration… the only limiting factor is the thickness of your wallet. Dave has my email address if you need additional information. Have fun! Paul

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