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Heading for Greenville, Oh

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Yesterday we drove, through rain, winds, and fog, from North Platte, Ne, to Springfield, Il, where we spent the night.  Today we got up to more gray skies and winds.  Fortunately, our purpose there was to spend time in the Lincoln Memorial Museum, so we didn’t have to worry about the weather.  However, we found a different storm inside the museum:  classes of young teenagers running, talking and noisily exploring the museum.  Some were paying attention to the things they saw, others weren’t.  Our favorite quote of the day came from a teenage girl who thought the re-enactment of the Lincoln’s showing in the Capitol following his assassination had a coffin containing the body of Washington rather than Lincoln.  Ann and I looked at each other rolled our eyes and walked onward.

However, apart from the noise, the museum itself was creative and interesting.  The hall of voices was particularly interesting.  The exhibit was designed to show how many differing voices Lincoln faced when deciding how to deal with the Emancipation issue.

Tonight we will head for Ann’s great aunt’s house.

Below is the Lincoln Museum and Lincoln Library.

That Lincoln gets all the women ….


2 Comments on “Heading for Greenville, Oh

  1. Bob

    Hey Dave, I think there’s a law against molesting statues. Looks like you’re bringing the cold weather with you!

  2. deilers

    Yeah, we’ve been towing rainy cold weather with us most of the trip! But, this morning looks beautiful here in Cincinnati, so we will try a new trend of bringing nice weather 🙂

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