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DJ-3A & DJ-5 Etters, Pa Auction Sat Nov 19th

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Glenn wanted to share this auction with folks.

“The Auction is in Etters, PA just off I-83 south of Harrisburg and north of York. There’s more than 50 oldies to pick from including two DJ’s. In the picture it shows a DJ3A on the left and a LHD DJ5 on the right. Looks like the DJ3A shown in pix 35 and 36 has many usable part.  Emailing the auction company got nothing back, so I’m assuming they expect it all to go for junk. Hopefully someone local can snatch them. No Titles, just be prepared to move ’em quickly says the instructions.”


2 Comments on “DJ-3A & DJ-5 Etters, Pa Auction Sat Nov 19th

  1. Brian

    Thanks for this post, the classic car photos on the auction site are cool and if they were out west I’d be more in debt.

  2. Glennstin

    Got an email after the auction. They sold for $350 each. No word if that was scrap price, but here in Maine that’s about right. Both are probably shredded by now.

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