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History Czar Interview

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For his 100th podcast, the History Czar, Paul Bruno, interviewed me last weekend while Ann and I were at Niagara Falls. We discussed a variety of topics during our 48 minute conversation, including my upcoming book, eWillys, my background, and our mutual frustration regarding a jeep museum, or lack thereof.   (The site containing the interview is no longer available).

During our conversation, Paul kindly labeled me a jeep historian; pre-eminent was his adjective of choice.  However, there are many expert jeep nuts out there who know more than I, so don’t let all his kind words fool you:  I’m still learning!


7 Comments on “History Czar Interview

  1. Bob OB

    You are no less significant than the other respected authorities of jeeps. Thanks for giving us all your best attempt. Bob

  2. mom

    Well, for someone who has never been interviewed before except by your parents after a late night out, I think you did a great job.


  3. Mark in Indiana

    Don’t sell yourself short. I’ve been doing this Willys thing for 20 years and still learn a lot from my daily visit here. It’s great to have a hobby to always learn from. We’re all teachers and students.

  4. J.R. Welsh

    An excellent job Dave!! Not sure what else I can add here but to say you do the jeep world a GREAT service with “Ewillys”. And, why is’nt there a Willys or at least a jeep museum ?

    Thank you for all your efforts !! J.R. Nor Cal

  5. Dexter

    Dave, listening to that interview allowed me, in some ways, to finally meet you. Thank you! That was well worth my time. I can relate in that I’m trying to find the intersection of my two favorites in life, graphic design and old Willys Jeeps.

    May God bless you, and give you the strength to continue what you’re doing.


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