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1946? Ford? Jeepster West Valley City, Ut **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Bob from Ohio bought this.  I can’t wait to hear more about it.  Was listed at $1000.

Bob forwarded this to me via the CJ-2A Page. It’s an odd duck. I am thinking it it is a shortened Jeepster on a CJ frame.

“46 Ford Jeepster a one of a kid. Needs a lot of work but has a lot of potential. I bought the car 16 years ago and haven’t had the time or money to get it restored. It has some transmission problems and other minor problems, dead battery, etc. Has new tires. I need to sell it as soon as possible and the price is negotiable..”


3 Comments on “1946? Ford? Jeepster West Valley City, Ut **SOLD**

  1. Bob

    It almost looks like a graft between a jeepster, a cj5 and a 3b windshield. Looks kind of like Jeepster suspension. The grille and hood look odd for jeepster also. That grille has a curve on the front versus either flat or pointed. Certainly a lot of work on someone’s part.

  2. modmike

    This is so unique, yes the curve in the grill is interesting. If you look at the grill bars, it looks to be a stamped grill. The center grill bar is shorter than the rest, but still stamped. As for that dash and steering wheel; from a much later vehicle.

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