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A Couple Willys Trucks

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Robin emailed me the other day asking how rare Willys trucks with tow packages are.  Before answering her question, I did some searches to make sure my answer, which was yes, was correct.  That’s when I came across these two pictures.  One is a beautiful Willys Tow Truck and the other is entirely odd ball.

This is a picture that is being auctioned on eBay:

This image was taken by Randy Brown on February of 2010:


3 Comments on “A Couple Willys Trucks

  1. Lylito

    There’s a Willys wrecker rusting at an old service station near me. I don’t think it’s the same tow package as the one you have pictured. I did ask them once about the owner – it was the previous owner of the station, and they told me that I should call his widow.

    I’ll try to get out there in the next couple of weeks for pictures and details.

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