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George Carpenter’s Peep Adventure

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Howard wrote to me this morning, sharing the news that his father George passed away yesterday.  In remembrance, Howard wanted to share an article from Stars and Stripes about the time his father jumped out of a jeep just before it was shelled. You can read the article below.  He noted that his father always referred to the jeep as a peep, even the Wranglers!

Howard writes that his father George was “an advanced scout in A Troop, 94th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) of the 14th Armored Division. They earned the official designation of “The Liberators” because they liberated about 200,000 allied POWs from German prison camps, as well as several concentration camps. It’s interesting reading if you ever have time to google it, as is their involvement in the Battle of Hatten-Rittershoffen.”

I asked him if they had jeeps while Howard was growing up. He wrote, “We never had Jeeps growing up, though he always mentioned them when we saw one. My 18-year-old son got a beat up 1989 YJ a couple of years ago, and even through his Alzheimer’s Disease my father would enjoy riding with no top or doors and would always mention driving across Germany in one. My son has developed a strong interest and is reading up on restoration, and has said he intends to always keep a project going on when he gets out of college. I guess that means he’ll always stay broke!”

So, this post is a tribute to George.



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