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CJ-3B Stainless Body Kits Myrtle Creek, OR

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UPDATE:  Back in May of 2011 Mike forwarded me the below ad.  This morning Craig pointed out that Dan over at Hemmings did a nice article about the stainless bodies along with the seller of these kits.

The buyer apparently bought out a stainless supplier in the Philippines. Call the seller for more info.


4 Comments on “CJ-3B Stainless Body Kits Myrtle Creek, OR

  1. Paul

    Fantastic price but there’s many hundreds of hours of metalwork necessary before a stainless body is strong enough for use. I’ll bet the inner surface of the tailgate is missing the jerry can/spare tire mount reinforcements, the body floor hat channels might not line up with the mounting tabs on an original frame not to mention all the cutting, filing and fitting for lights, instruments, steering column, etc. A well equipped shop is vital to build up a stainless Willys unless you happen to have a very thick wallet.

  2. Brett

    I just don’t see the point. You can find a decent rig with good steel body that has lasted 60 years at that price. And way easier to work with. Like Paul said, you better come prepared.

  3. Jake

    I have seen these jeep bodys not very good quality and the parts dont match up
    But still have to say there cool

  4. Don

    i think there is alot of money and hard work to finish these
    i dont think most people have the shop to work on these
    to much welding and cutting to make fit good.

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