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1942 MB Ruther Glen, Va **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was listed at $700.  **SOLD**

There appears to be value here.

“1942 Willys Military Jeep
Run but does need transmission work
Great winter project


6 Comments on “1942 MB Ruther Glen, Va **SOLD**

  1. matt

    uh,,,this is ruther glenn virginia….just north of richmond…someone buy broke but its killing me to see this(also 804 is a va area code)

  2. Joe

    The pictures are not very clear. Would you be able to tell me what shape the body, floor, & frame are in?


  3. Merlin Hanson

    I bought this and it is going on to a fellow who will restore it. Frame was Bubbafied but only by welding items on, so it is easily repairable. The body is rather rusty so probably needs to be replaced. Hood is a slat grill type with the air dam. Engine is from a Ford Pinto.

    My two favorite Bubbafications on this Jeep: 1) A huge wrench welded to the passenger side frame to hold a broken spring in place. 2) Rear air shocks with garden hose set up to presurize the shocks. I cannot believe that ever worked.

    I am going to add a Bubba section to my website sometime this spring to show off all the modifications we find while doing restorations.

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