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Year? CJ-3B Moab, Ut **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Sold:  Was listed at $500.

Brett spotted this one.  There’s some value here.

“1947 willys jeep straight 6 engine.Has been sitting in the weather for many years.Needs a lot of work but is a gem for the right buyer.Has two door frames with rotted canvas. no top. you haul”


10 Comments on “Year? CJ-3B Moab, Ut **SOLD**

  1. 24hoursofnevada

    Thanks to the final buyer… I had a deal solidified with Kathleen and she just emailed me saying someone gave them $800.00 cash. I guess integrity means nothing. You just set back a great father and son project for a mere $300.00. I hope you have a great holiday.

  2. frank

    it’s sad but true that integrity can be sold for so little. if you go to the CJ-3B section of this website and scroll through the pages Dave has put together,i’m sure you could still find a project.for you and your son to work on. may involve a road trip but that’s a bonding thing to, right?!

  3. Buz

    I like the look of those wide wheels, anybody know who would have made them or what they were off of ?

    Oh and 24hoursofnevada I’ve had that happen to me, nobody is true to their word anymore, the almighty $$ rules.

  4. Paul

    Many years ago, when my hair was a different color, I tried to purchase a much needed part for a car I was rebuilding. The part was hard to find and worth more than the money I had to spend but I offered the amount I had and explained to the seller not only my need for the part but my understanding my offer was way below the value of this part. I’d spent eight years rebuilding this car and this part was one of the last little detail pieces I needed but I explained to the seller I wasn’t trying to cheat him, I just didn’t have much money. The seller calmly explained he couldn’t sell the part for such a low price due to it’s rarity and value (which was what I’d expected) but he was willing to give this part to me for free! I’ve never forgotten this amazing display of generosity and I try to keep it in mind when I find myself dealing with others involved in projects and remember that money isn’t worth more than a happy heart.

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