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Father of the M-678

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Craig has a special picture this week at the FCConnection.  Check out the whole photo here.


5 Comments on “Father of the M-678

  1. Glennstin

    Hi All, I’ve been fascinated by this FC Connection article Dave on eWillys put up today. In particular I grabbed the Swedish drop side FC 170 pix and blew it up to a full 8X10 view to get more detail. This truck has a full set of very odd ball Split Rim Heavy Duty Willys wheels. My coffee shop buddy is restoring a ’55 Willys Pickup with a Schnecker Iron Works Back Hoe which has just one of these wheels. Do any of you guys know anything about this HD wheel? Part number? What parts manual list it? Any source to get more. Thanks, Glenn Byron, Smithfield, Maine

  2. Dan H

    I have a 678 and this is a close as you can get. The 678 has most of the door behind the drivers seat but it’s not able to be used. The whole window assembly is there just no hinges.

    I have the same split rims as this truck on my FC 170 firetruck. These split rims are not that common but are around on FC 170’s. The part number could be in the FC 170 parts book. Haven’t seen any on a FC 150. Most people have gotten rid of them since a lot of tire providers won’t install tires on them. Can’t really blame them my friend lost a hand filling a split rim.

    Terry up in NY probably has some. He advertises on Willys Tech all of the time.

    I have a FC 170 with a factory Ottawa backhoe. But that’s a DRW different rims.

  3. Buz

    Boy Willys really missed the boat not building those. Look at all the vans Ford and Chevy sold in the early 60’s.

  4. Steve E.

    I bought my FC-150 25 years ago with four 15″ split rims. I find that very unique. I’ve never had the tires off to measure them, but they look wider than normal Willys 15″ x 4.5″ rims, standard on FC-150’s, and Utility Wagons. They definitely have Jeep style center holes, not Ford. Since I’ve never seen or heard of any other 15″ split rims, I wonder if Willy sold trucks with split rims, or did someone swap them out for Scout rims on my truck? Anyone know if Willys had certain production runs with split rims?

    For reference from the ’60’s, my dad’s ’63 Chevy C-20 came from the factory with 15″ split rims, 8 lug. My ’66 Ford F-100 came with 15″ split rims, 5 lug (Ford center hole not Jeep centers.) The Chevy rims were “recalled”, and replaced by the dealer with solid 16″ rims, which are still on the truck. (Not sure if Ford had a recall, too. But I still have three of them.)

    I have never seen split rims on any other Jeeps on the West Coast. My FC-150 originally came from Montana, if that helps the mystery. Anyone have other clues to split rims?

    All the FC-170 Dual Rear Wheel 1 Ton trucks that know of have split rims. My parts books calls the FC wheels, “rim and disc”. But the book also calls wheels for the FC-150’s and FC-170’s, “rim and disk”. Does a “rim and disk” mean split rims? Does anyone have a parts book for other Willys vehicles for comparison of wheel terminology?

    Now I’m wondering if all FC’s had split rims, and were all recalled and replaced with solid rims. And maybe a few owners didn’t get them replaced. Anyone know of a Willys service bulletin, as with the Chevy trucks?

    That’s one cool FC Van; I’d like to own it.
    **Steve E.**

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