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Kids and Biscuit

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UPDATES:  Next updates will be on Sunday 11/25/2011.

Though chilly, the weather was sunny yesterday, allowing for some fun in Biscuit.  Karson (17) and Kasia (15) took turns driving while Colter (13) decided he was fine with riding in the back.  I supervised and drove, while Ann photographed.

The day’s highlight was when I ran out of gas.  In my defense, I knew the tank was low and didn’t want to use up our time running to the gas station and back, so I hoped to let the kids play AND save a few drops for the drive back to the side of the garage . . .

We almost made it.

The kids thought this was hilarious, noting that not only did I run out of gas, but I also got stuck in the ditch.  Ann countered that I only got stuck in the ditch because I ran out of gas.  However, the kids saw it as an ‘and’ situation.  So, I’m sure I will never hear the end about the time I both ran out of gas AND got stuck in a ditch with Biscuit.

Fun times 🙂


6 Comments on “Kids and Biscuit

  1. Mark in Indiana

    I bet you’re glad you didn’t sell Biscuit a few months ago. Merry Christmas to you and all the Willys friends!

  2. Gerald

    Merry Christmas to Dave and all eWillys family. Its been quite a year for me. Hope it has been a good one you.

  3. Mitch

    Well….Here’s my take… You ran out of gas *because* you drove in the ditch. And the kids probably egged you on to drive in the ditch…So really…It is their fault the jeep ran out of gas and got stuck in the ditch. Plus…they probably used more gas than you did.

  4. deilers

    Kevin .. I think it’s fair to say that was a misprint .. lol

    Mitch .. right on … had they not suggested we take the jeep out, I would never have been in the ditch (which is the entrance to the pasture).

    – D

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