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Bad Day at Black Rock

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Ann’s mom Rosemary has learned to watch for jeeps.  She alerted me a couple days ago to a movie she recorded with Spencer Tracy from 1955 called Bad Day at Black Rock.  It’s a good movie.  One of the reasons it is such a good movie is that a good looking Willys MB plays a staring role and receives some good screen time.  It even gets to be involved in a chase scene!  Here are some closeups:


4 Comments on “Bad Day at Black Rock

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Yes, Spencer Tracy tearing around in an MB, that was some action scene. By the way, next time you watch White Christmas notice the military jeep in a war scene near the beginning, then you’ll see another one later (or it might be the same one) that the retired general drives, implying he got himself a war surplus jeep.

  2. Steve E.

    …back in the days when the movies had a good story, and the actors could act, and the filming was terrific.

    I have several good friends that can now spot a Willys a mile away, some even tell me when they’re for sale. We are such bad influences on people sometimes. Good on us!

    I watched the trailer, sounds like a good movie. Nothing like vintage trains and automobiles. What’s he doing, looking for a parts car in that old ghost town? I hope Spencer Tracy doesn’t end up rolling that MB. I’d prefer a happy ending.


    **Steve E.**

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