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1955 CJ-5 Davison, Mi . . .Priceless

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This just made my day.  It will run, too!

“According to the internet, “The Jeep was the most reliable and favorite vehicle of the armed forces.” This one won’t be any of that, but here’s a brief ‘Ratrospective’ on this creation. We took a stunning, low mileage and rust free Willys Jeep, tore it off the frame and cut it into several pieces (settle down, we’re just kidding).

This salute to our armed services started life as a 1955 Willys Jeep. We pulled the body off the frame, lengthened it twenty inches and narrowed the back half of it eleven inches. We then channeled the body over a 1984 Chevy S-Blazer 4×4 frame that had a small-block Chevy transplant. We added the dual quad intake and a couple of old Holley carbs. We fabbed our own zoomies, took some Army-issue backpack frames and direct mounted them to the floor for back rests. Seats are U.S. issue blankets torn in pieces. Some of the flooring and the seatbelts are courtesy of a wrecked Michigan State Police cruiser. We’ve got 4 Jerry cans out back for a fuel tank and a canteen over-flow tank for the radiator. Air Cleaners are drilled helmet liners and zoomie covers are olive drab soup cans wired together (we kept losing them when we fired it up). If you plan on ever driving this, there’s a pick and shovel mounted so you can dig your own grave. Battery box is U.S. Army issue tool box. It’s got a pre-historic Mallory coil and distributor for fire power. Zip ties hold the tilt front end closed (for now) but you’ll need a better solution. We don’t quite have the shift linkage figured out so you’ll have to come up with something. Right now the shifter is out in front of the windshield.

The Rat does run but we haven’t had the guts (stupidity) to drive it. We will be selling this vehicle as ‘PARTS ONLY’! It does come titled as a 1955 Willys. Miles are not actual. Buyer will have to pay a document fee of $190 or 5% of the sale price (whichever is less). Plus 6% Michigan sales tax and a title transfer of $15. Sorry, but we all have to pay taxes.

You’re gonna need a trailer (Rat trap) to pick this up. We will help you push it on board, but you’ll have to handle everything else. Any questions? We check email once a day. You can also call Fergy at(810)653-4111.

There is no reserve on this auction but we think it’s worth millions.

This will make a great project, art study or urinal for the discerning buyer.”


12 Comments on “1955 CJ-5 Davison, Mi . . .Priceless

  1. Brian

    This thing is about 15 miles from my house at a large dealership. They leave it outside in the snow parked in the back row of their budget lot. Saw it for the first time around Christmas, funny now it’s on your site. Sort of a Frankenstein thing where they didn’t know what they were doing or when to stop. Most of us would run out of cash first and then laughing buddies, then beer.

    When I asked about it, the salesman said they started it up at shows and gunned the throttle and let the flames shoot out the exhaust. OK, sure, I think. Every drive it? ‘Nope, just start it up’.

  2. dan m

    i love the idea of backpack frames as seat backs…. awesome. awesome. awesome. time for me to make some new seats.
    p.s. did i mention i like the seats?

  3. Steve E.

    Definitely a conversation piece. WTF is an understatement. (lol.) The first thing I asked myself was, “Where’s the seats.” Then it dawned on me…. They blended in like a Jerry can bracket. (lol.)
    (Or is “Jerry” too politically incorrect for such a public site. I don’t want to offend anyone. Oh, wait; yes I do; any chance I get. lol)

    Jeeps are used to sitting out in the snow. At least that’s why most of them are rusty. You gotta give them credit, they covered the pipes with coffee cans….

    **Steve E.**

  4. chingadero

    when I see sloppy work like this it really makes me wonder what kind of people like to make chicken shit out of chicken salad so to speak, and what kind of people actually appreciate this type of unskilled workmanship? Lets take something decent and mess it up. Thats a reverse custom I guess?

  5. deilers

    My take on this rig was that whomever built it had a bunch of old parts that weren’t worth much. They also had a good sense of humor. The result was a satirical look at the crazy bubba mods people do. It made me laugh, so I posted it.

  6. arch macpherson

    what a piece of crap, notice where the jerry cans are located: right abve the battery. nice engineering on that one goober. i wouldn’t be caught dead driving that piece of junk. took a nice army jeep an ruined it, way to go!

  7. divinitous

    Gee, everyone is so critical. I’d rather see these parts goto some type of use than scrap metal. Sure, someone could have restored a nice CJ5 but it’s not like it was a CJ4, MA, or agrijeep.

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