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1953 M-38A1 Beaverton, Or **SOLD**

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“Project jeep
Does not run has been stored a long time
Has complete drivetrain everything is here no missing parts
4 cylinder engine
electrical system has been converted to 12volt
Three speed manual with two speed t-case & aftermarket warn overdrive unit
Upgraded steering saginaw box
Not sure what is original and what is not
Have front and rear seats and some soft top parts bows doors ect.
have spare tire rack and 5 extra chrome rims
have title in hand”


4 Comments on “1953 M-38A1 Beaverton, Or **SOLD**

  1. Dave J

    The overdrive is a dualmatic (husky) overdrive. The engine is stuck, pulled the head off and the #2 and 3 pistons are rusted in the top dead center position. if I can remove them will check the cylinders and try to get away with one new piston and a set of rings and gaskets for now. the overdrive is for my 42 GPW (it has a t-90 w/t-18 29 tooth); too many parts on the 42 changed on it before I got it to make it all orginal. All and All worth the money for at least parts.

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